Episode 84 – Druid and Paladin UA and fitting in backstory

Ryan and Ben take a look at the newest UA with changes for Druids and Paladins as well as touch on fitting in player backstories into your module and homebrew campaigns.

Community Pages: Survey Results and the Future of Playtest; Druid and Paladin UA; Demiplane 5e Nexus announcement; Daughter of Frankenstein Kickstarter.

Episode 83 – OGL Resolved and Handling Turn Ending Effects

Ryan and Ben discuss the outcome of the Wizard’s of the Coast OGL drama. Then they tackle how to handle turn ending effects like stun, paralyze, and charm.

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Episode 81 – The OGL and Unwinnable Fights

Ryan and Ben attempt to summarize the recent goings on with Wizards of the Coasts OGL 1.0 and discuss the various aspects of Unwinnable Fights.

OGL discussions: #OpenDND open letter; Gizmodo article; MyLawyerFriend article; DnDbeyond OGL update; Gizmodo Subscriptions article; LegalEagle video; Kobold Press announcement; MCDM announcement; Paizo Open RPG License.

Community Page: Abyssalbrews Twitter.

Episode 78 – Welcome to Dragon Talk with Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito

Ryan and Ben are joined by Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito from Dragon Talk to talk about the Welcome to Dragon Talk and the growth of D&D.

Community Pages: Preorder Welcome to Dragon Talk; Dragon Talk Podcast; Shelly’s Twitter; Shelly’s website; Greg’s Twitter; Greg’s Instagram; Re:Engage podcast; One D&D Expert Classes Survey; The Light Package Trade, Privateering & Merchant Princes (Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace Supplement).