Episode 105 – Major News and Black Dragons

Ryan and Ben discuss the plethora of news released in the past 2 weeks and then peek into the lairs of black dragons.

Community Pages: Dungeons and Dragons turns 50; PC Gamer’s D&D coverage; Vecna: Eve of Ruin preorder; Everything you need to know about Humblewood; Bricktastic Dungeons and Dragons article; Mr. Rhexx’s Black Dragon video; Viva La Dirt League’s D&D Logic Playlist.

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Episode 104 – Latest Playtest Results and Multiclassing

Ryan and Ben take a peek at the latest playtest survey results and then discuss the odds and ends of multiclassing.

Community Pages: Playtest Survey Results; Screenrant’s 10 D&D Rule changes; D&D Beyond’s Playtest 8 Summary; Wargamer article for fixing CR; Mike Mearls 5e point encounters; Puffin Forest’s Most Abserd Character; Loke Battlemaps Terrain Set 2 kickstarter; Loke Battlemats.

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Episode 103 – Back from Hiatus and Handling Lore Dumps

Ryan and Ben discuss the best practices for prepping for your first session after a hiatus and then dig into the best way to drop a big pile of lore!

Community Pages: 2023 Unrolled; The Physical Edition of the Deck of Many Things Releases; MCDM Where Evil Lives; Newsletter of M.T. Black Games.

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Episode 102 – News, Yeti Monster Fixing, and the 2023 Holiday One Shot

Ryan and Ben spend some time taking a look at some Wizards of the Coast news, spend some time monster fixing the abominable yeti, and create our holiday one shot!

Community Pages: Hasbro Layoffs; Christian Hoffer’s twitter post; D&D Beyond Dungeons of Drakkenheim; D&D Beyond Lairs of Etharis; Vecna: Eve of Ruin and Quests From the Infinite Staircase announcement; A Peek at the 2024 D&D Player’s Handbook; How the Lich Stole Christmas

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Episode 101 – Unearthed Arcana 8 and Warforged

Ryan and Ben discuss the highs and lows of Unearthed Arcana 8 and what it means to be a Warforged.

Community Pages: Unearthed Arcana 8 summary; Playtest 8 PDF; Playtest 8 video; Heroes’ Feast Adventure Book; Heroes’ Feast: The Joys of Running a High Level Adventure; Stonefold Kingdoms Magnetic Dungeons and Foldable RPG Terrain Kickstarter.

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Episode 97 – Playtest 7 and 8 along with Changing Classes

Ryan and Ben summarize the new UAT 7 and 8 playtests and talk about a player character changing classes.

Links: Playtest 7; Playtest 7 summary; Playtest 8; Playtest 8 summary; Introducing maps video; Maps on D&D Beyond; Claim Lightning Keep; How to build glitch characters in Planescape; Claim Lost Mine of Phandelver.