Episode 115 – 2024 PHB: Warlocks, Druids, Wizards, Rangers, Spells, and Crafting

Ryan and Ben continue their journey through the deluge of 2024 PHB information taking a look at Warlocks, Druids, Wizards, Rangers, Spells, and Crafting.

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Episode 114 – 2024 PHB: Fighters, Paladins, Barbarians, and Rogues.

Ryan and Ben dig through the new Player Handbook information as well as new information on Fighters, Paladins, Barbarians, and Rogues.

Community Pages: 2024 Player’s Handbook video; 2024 Fighter video; Fighter video bullet points; 2024 Paladin video; Paladin video bullet points; 2024 Barbarian video; Barbarian video bullet points; 2024 Rogue video; Rogue video bullet points; Surprise rule update; Donjon fantasy calendar.

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Episode 110 – Longform Campaigns, Modules, and Horror with Jeff Reynolds

Ryan and Ben are joined by Jeff Reynolds to talk about running longform campaigns, the Curse of Strahd, and implementing horror elements.

Community Pages: Jeff’s Twitter; Legends of Barovia; A Guide to Curse of Strahd; Monster Loot – Curse of Strahd; She is the Ancient: A Genderbent Curse of Strahd; How Long Should An Adventure Be?

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Episode 109 – Variable Magic Settings and Animated Items

Ryan and Ben discuss different gameplay styles and options between High, Low, and No level Magic Settings. Then a Monster Fixer with an Animated Armor and discuss animating other items.

Community Pages: LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Game Night; Dumpstatadventures: Keep it risky or lose the fun.

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Episode 105 – Major News and Black Dragons

Ryan and Ben discuss the plethora of news released in the past 2 weeks and then peek into the lairs of black dragons.

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